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X-Genration Character

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Canon or OC: OC
Name: Jacob Vehnlez
Nickname(s): Sage
Alias: Bad
Sex: Mal
Affiliation: Brother Hood of Mutants
Age: 17

Hair: Long silky smooth black hair, reaching all the way down his back. He usually wears it out wear its long and flowing, but occasionally he would put it into a pony tail.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6

Jacob is a very handsome young lad who values physical appearance above morals itself. He has pale white skin with the exception of his pinkish cheeks and lips. He has a pointy nose and slit blue eyes almost cat like. He has sharp eyebrows, pointy ears, and a light 5 o'clock shadow. His long silky hair is usually out which comes down to the top of his back, and is very threadlike. He is medium height and weighs 155lbs. As an outfit for daily purposes he wears black jeans with white lining, and usually have decorations on its back pockets. He also wears a long sleeve white dress shirt which is somewhat transparent, threw the shirt you can see his plain white t-shirt. For footwear he wears brown timberland boots. Accessories he wears is two silver rings on each of his ring fingers and a snakebite piercing on his bottom lip.

Personality: Jacob is a very cold person and fits the role of the 'bad boy' type. He doesn't care what others think nor do, but only his goals. Although appearing very peaceful Jacob is very snappy when pushed to that limit. He rarely shows affection for anyone other then himself, seeing as how he thinks no one deserves it anyway. Jacob likes going to school and toying with the hearts of others. More importantly he likes using his abilities to cause mayhem wherever he sees fit, along with his comrades. He doesn't like people who think their better then him. Also a person who is cocky and makes rash choices based on impulse.

Powers: Inorganic Transformation into Black Diamond

Jacob has the mutant ability to turn his body into a black 'organic diamond'. When in this form his entire body is completely turned into a diamond substance while still retaining human physical properties. He is also very smooth and durable when in this form and is slightly illuminated even with its dark appearance. Not only an he transform fully but he can also partially transform body parts into diamond threw will. When in Diamond Form, Sage's strength and endurance are magnified to a incredible degree. He is strong enough to lift up a lift trucks and throw them a few meters, and also able to punch a hole threw solid concrete with ease. He is as durable is a regular diamond meaning he is extremely resistant to injury with some exceptions. When in diamond form he does not need to breath, eat, nor drink to sustain himself. Since his organic body can sustain perfect homeostasis he doesn't tire nor suffer from fatigue of any means.

It is also depicted that Sage has high psychic immunity when in Diamond form,. Seeing as how the neurons in his brain have transformed into a inorganic material which dislodged his mental state from the psychic plain.

Other Skills: He is very trained in the art of Karate (Self Defense) and Street fighting. He is also a good strategist and mathematician.

Special Equipment: N/A

Weaknesses: One of Sages biggest weakness is electricity. When shocked to a great degree his body will instantly revert back to human form along with the trauma of being electrocuted, knocking him unconscious or worse. Small shocks could still possibly knock him out of Diamond Form for a few minutes, but it depends on how determined he is. But none the less sufficient shocks are very fatal to him. Anther weakness is that when his diamond body is exploited too much that he will shatter. Meaning when a powerful impact hits him (that is capable to denting diamond) hits him, the entire region of impact will crack. If he doesn't revert back the cracking will continue to grow and he will shatter in less then a minute. If reverted back when cracked his skin will have ripped were the cracks were and he will continue to bleed.

History: (You don't need to fill out their life story, just the important stuff. Where and when they were born, when did their powers develop, what happened as a result, etc. Keep in mind nobody's powers are going to manifest at birth, unless it's a canon, and that for the most part the earliest will be about 13 years of age. If your character was born outside Bayville, explain how they got here.)

Sample RP: (Required only for canon character applications)


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