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Zuriel Rammstein

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Character's full name: Zuriel Vehnlez
Alias/ Nickname/ Code name: Zo / Sage of Water
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 12/02/1993
Nationality/ Ethnicity: Mixed
Birthplace/ Home/ Place of origin: Ashton Berge


Hair color and style: Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5
Weight: 155lbs

Everyday clothing style: Zuriel wears a white short sleeves shirt which is almost transparent when shined upon. On the left breast is a label of a red dragon the twirls up to his collar bone. He wears blue jeans that are cuffed along the bottom and a large silver belt buckle. He also wears brown timberland boots.

Sage Form Appearance: Like all the Sages, Zuriel resembles that of a Pixie when transformed. He gains large purple and black wings on his black similar to bat wings. These wings expand 4ft and allow Zuriel to fly. The wings are separated into three layers to increase maneuvering when flying as well. He wears a medium sleeved green shirt that cuts off around his forearm area. Then under that he has a long black sleeve that wraps around his hands like spandex. His girdle is long with two sashes coming from his front and back reaching to his calves.
Sleepwear: Black pajama set with lightning bolts.

Personality: (How you character behaves, social tendencies, quirks, etc.)
Hobbies/ Interests:
Job or part time job and description: (if applicable)
Jobs can be established later through in character RPing. If you plan on working at the mansion it will have to be approved.
Fears/ phobias/ concerns:
Special talents: (not related to mutation)

Powers: Zuriel is the Titan of the element Aether, and thus controls its power. Aether is the substance of pure cosmic energy, which manifests itself as a light purple energy construct. Aether having no definite form or volume but can be shaped to Zuriel's will and be given physical properties. Although not having physical properties in general, Titans of Aether naturally give it the form of a wavy energy flow or a electrical shaped current. Utilizing the powers of Aether Zuriel can shoot bolts of explosive concussive blasts and generate powerful kinetic fields. He can also dense Aether to solid constructs for nearly any purpose including (but not limited to) creating chains to constrict enemies, platforms for levitation, energy blades, telekinesis, and multi propelling shields.

Once some of the essence of the God Uranthis was absorbed by the Totem of Eternals the Shamans powers powers transcended to that of a mature state. Along with his elemental abilities now stronger, Zuriel now has the abilities of Premonition.

As a active Shaman Zuriel posses the ability to transform into a Shaman by the Totems of Eternals.
In Shaman Form he is granted the abilities of:
Unlimited Spiritual Energy
Immunity to Magical effects
Inter dimensional Travel
Inter dimensional Clairvoyance
Telepathic Link to all active Shamans

The Shaman Costume Grants:
Wings that are made of Harpy feathers which allow them to stretch and harden forming a protective shield around the Shaman if needed.
The garments which hang of the girdle are made of a celestial roping which stretch and are controlled by the totem skulls (also called tails) of the Shamans.
Totem skull which is a talking head which hangs on the end of the celestial roping. The skull is independently thinking and serves as a communicating trainer and spell book for the Shaman. Each skull has a different personality depending on the Shaman.

Faction Allegiance
Circle of Eternals

History Of Your Character:
Please write the history of your character and explain when they discovered (if applicable) their power(s).


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